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Has Hookah; is a Hasmatik brand and is an organization that produces and markets hookahs.


The foundations of the Hasmatik firm were laid in 1972 by Halit Samancı. Since the first day it started its activities, it produces glass and metal and provides architectural solutions for facades, doors, balustrades and interior and exterior needs in modern building projects.

It produces modern systems by using glass and metal together with its superior experience and know-how dating back to about half a century since 1972, by developing glass and metal ideas that add elegance and modernity to the spaces, which can offer both solutions and conveniences for the needs needed at every moment of life.

It projects its pioneering ideas that it has developed for the Hasmatik building sector with its engineering activities and transfers it to the production phase, and it has advanced fiber cutting, laser cutting, twisting, metal processing, welding, sanding, polishing, with its modern production facilities equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and experienced employees. With its paint, coating and glass processing capabilities, it can produce the projects it produces in the highest quality.

Metal Design, Metal Processing, Glass Processing:

Also, Hasmatik has shaped the metal in the metal design center, which is a part of the base where I produced advanced technology. With cutting-edge laser cutting and fiber cutting machines, it can cut any size of metal of any kind with the best quality and in the fastest way, and meets the demands of contract cutting from customers. In addition, twisting requests can be twisted in desired shapes with 2 press brakes.

In the metal processing center, which is another part, with the latest technology CNC machines and machining centers, it can put the metal into the desired shape and processes with the Hasmatik difference. In addition to these, it can perform welding operations in the welding workshop and immediately ensures the metal to be perfected with special polishing and sanding robots. In line with the demands of the customers, it finishes the metal with the desired type of paint or coating applications and brings it ready for delivery.

In the glass processing unit, by shaping the glass, it can perform all the necessary operations such as laminated glass, heat glass, curved glass, satin glass, edge treatment, surface treatment, edging, temper, glass coloring, glass-specific printing etc. and integrates the glasses into the projects.

Has Hookah

Has Hookah was founded in 2018 as Hasmatik Kapı Otomatikleri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. is a hookah products brand that was established by and registered in 2020. Hasmatik, which has high level metal processing capabilities in the metal industry, has designed and started to produce its own products in 2018 for hookahs. High quality hookahs were highly appreciated and mass production started.

Today, it produces hookahs with its own design and concept models such as Galaxy, Focus and Inception and markets them to the whole world. Hookahs produced using 304 quality stainless steel are produced by satin, polishing and titanium coating processes with different color options.

Contact: Hasmatik Kapı Otomatikleri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Cumhuriyet Mah. Beykent Industrial Site No. 61-66 TR-34500 Buyukcekmece - Istanbul / TURKEY

Tel: +90 212 872 12 49 - 50

Fax: +90 212 872 10 74

E-Mail: hashookah@hasmatik.com.tr